[time-nuts] Antenna recommendation for Timing Amateur II

Randy Warner randy at geodetics.com
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Almost forgot. If you only have +3V available for antenna power don't use
the VIC-100. Performance falls off badly. The Timing3000 will run quite
happily at +3V. It's not specified to work at +3V, but I used to do it all
the time when I was at Synergy.


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I'm planning on getting a M12M and would like a recommendation for an 
antenna for timing purposes.

I'm just an amateur looking to discipline an oscillator. No scientific uses 

My antenna coax is likely to be 30ft or more so I suspect I'll need an 
amplified antenna.

The M12M outputs 3v so the "timing" antennas offered by Synergy don't 
directly apply.

What is the real difference between a "timing" antenna and one meant for 
mobile use?

Synergy offers several amplified mobile antennas that would work with 3v.


jim ab3cv 

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