[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup, 5370

Pete peterawson at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 14:28:21 EDT 2007


The 54720D setup was just 54720D/54721A(x2) & 8133A. 
The 8133A level was set to 400mVp-p @ 100 to 250MHz.
8133A Output to 54721A #1 & Complement Output to 54721A #2.

H-P spec for this setup is <6ps rms jitter.

I was using a PC based post processing analysis package from
Amherst Associates (Mike Williams) which has slightly better
zero crossing interpolation than the 54720D. It requires down loading
the (large) raw data file to the PC & then crunching it.

The resulting data never displayed more than 2ps rms jitter.

I wonder if your probes are adding noise to the data?
Certainly, reasonably fast edge speeds are critical, but
not blindingly fast. For the 8133A I was seeing 60 to 80 ps
rise/fall times. My DUT circuits were displaying 250 to 300
ps rise/fall times.

Pete Rawson

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