[time-nuts] new paper on Allan Variance errors

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>  I get this very thing for all the other professional  societies that have 
> papers but I am not a member of those. Some  charge horrendous amounts. 
Some even
> demand a year's subscription just  to download one paper.

Hi Jeffrey,
IEEE may work for some of us, especially if one doesn't have to pay for  
access. There are some drawbacks:
I joined IEEE to get access to all the Timing and Frequency papers, and I  
thought I would get access to all their papers - no such luck. Even as  a member 
you have to buy the premium package to get access to most of the stuff  - 
that's after paying several 100,- $. On top of that you constantly get loads  of 
solicitations about all sorts of insurance etc they are pushing.
Lastly, as a permanent resident who went to high-school, and University  here 
and waited 23 years for our residency I was shocked to see IEEE write a  
whole bunch of xenophobic editorials in EDN magazine etc during the dot-com  bust 
talking about why the Government should cut down the H1B visa program  etc and 
send the 'visitors' home to preserve the US Engineers' way of life.  Those 
same engineers are now running the start-ups in India and China that are  making 
our life harder.
I consequently left IEEE; I get better info and help from the members  of 
this group anyway's!

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