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Bill et al - 

Actually, the Timing2000 and Timing3000 antennas are identical. The ONLY
difference is that the 2000 has a Motorola logo in it. They both have dual
filters. $39.95 is a great price. I think retail on the 3000's is about $65.


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   Hi Jim,

   If you would like to save a little money, you might want to check with

   [cid:part1.46719E86.E4CDD4BB at cox.net]

   They had about 40, brand new, in the box with mounting hardware,
   Oncore Timing2000 antennas at the beginning of MAY when I purchased
   mine from them off of eBay.  His price was $39.95 "buy it now" and I
   asked him how many they had when I called after taking the auction.

   It is the same as the Timing3000 antenna that Randy refers to except
   it has two filters instead of three, as I understand it.  It runs on 5

   I was using an active patch antenna that Randy sold me and that worked
   well also.  Just decided to make a more permanent installation.


   Jim Miller wrote:

     I'm planning on getting a M12M and would like a recommendation for
     antenna for timing purposes.

     I'm just an amateur looking to discipline an oscillator. No
     scientific uses

     My antenna coax is likely to be 30ft or more so I suspect I'll need
     amplified antenna.

     The M12M outputs 3v so the "timing" antennas offered by Synergy
     directly apply.

     What is the real difference between a "timing" antenna and one
     meant for
     mobile use?

     Synergy offers several amplified mobile antennas that would work
     with 3v.


     jim ab3cv

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