[time-nuts] new paper on Allan Variance errors

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Jun 15 09:04:22 EDT 2007

SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote:

> Lastly, as a permanent resident who went to high-school, and University  here 
> and waited 23 years for our residency I was shocked to see IEEE write a  
> whole bunch of xenophobic editorials in EDN magazine etc during the dot-com  bust 
> talking about why the Government should cut down the H1B visa program  etc and 
> send the 'visitors' home to preserve the US Engineers' way of life. 

You were (are?) not here on an H1B visa, so I guess I don't understand why you
feel threatened.

H1B visa's were made specifically to address a shortage of doctors and engineers
who are willing to work for obscenely low wages.  They have had the result of
permanently unemploying (or under-employing) tens of thousands of engineers and
programmers.   Folks who did exactly what they were supposed to do: graduated
college with technical degrees, set down roots in their communities, and worked
hard for their employers.

[Quiz:  When is an unemployed person, who can't find work, no longer counted as
  unemployed?  Ans: when his unemployment insurance runs out.  Department of Labor
  statistics for employment don't include persons that have been unemployed for more
  than 1/2 a year. ]

Given an environment awash with experienced engineers who are unwilling to do
engineering for slave wages, why should businesses be allowed to keep using
cheap H1B visa's?

> same engineers are now running the start-ups in India and China that are  making 
> our life harder.

Most of those startups are the result of folks from India and China who went to
the US to be educated and returned home to improve the lives of their country people.
A very laudable thing to do.  I have absolutely no problem with them or what they
have done.

Where I have a big problem is with US companies being allowed to move facilities
overseas (for cheap labor), and then being allowed to bring the fruits of those
subsidiaries labor back into the US free of duties and taxes.

I also have a problem with services that are consumed in the US, but are being
performed outside of the US, being free of US taxes and duties.  Examples
of this are foreign based software mills, call centers, engineering mills, ...

-Chuck Harris

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