[time-nuts] new paper on Allan Variance errors

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>Again, it's hard to find good engineers. Then again, I'm pickier  than
>before; I'm looking for great  engineers.


Hi Jack,
congrats on the car and bonus! I know of someone who refused his  
gift-Porsche during the dot.com because of the tax implications.
Signing bonuses are still paid here in the valley today due to the  
competition over good/great engineers, but I think the economy is on a  down-turn again 
for the next couple of years, and maybe the situation will not  remain as 
good for us. Then again there is always a job for good/great  workers.
Maybe it's already pretty bad in the rest of the country? My Wife's company  
is desperately looking for great architects, and cannot find any suitable  
candidates either.
BTW: the crushed Dollar value is really helping exports, Jackson-Labs  is 
proud to produce here in Fremont California, and we get most of our  revenue from 
Asia and Europe due to the very weak Dollar. I fear that if the  Dollar 
recovers it will be more difficult to compete with overseas  vendors.

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