[time-nuts] My Casio G-Shock watch and other fun stuff

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On Wed, 20 Jun 2007 15:00:02 +1000, "Palfreyman, Jim L"
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>I reported the unusual accuracy of my Casio G-Schock radio controlled
>watch (with the radio controlled feature turned off) a month or so back.
>Well to back up my rough observations I decided to measure it properly.

I'm just impressed with your watch.  My G-Shock stumbles all over itself when the
radio signal is missed, varying over a second a day.  Sounds like you got a good
manufacturing "outlier".

My watch is grand next to the Accu-Rite radio clock-thermometer sitting on my desk.
I've seen it off as much as a half hour after missing sync for a couple days.  It
also sometimes synchronizes to the wrong time.  Not just hours error but apparently
random displays.  I have a bunch of radio clocks and I've never seen THAT before.

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