[time-nuts] HP5370B in the house

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jun 22 12:10:44 EDT 2007

Hi Fellow Time-nuts,

My HP5370B arrived yesterday. I thought I needed to have one.

The bad thing was that the packaging was not really as I would have wishes, so
the package had been misshandled and was "soft" on the walls. The left handle
was severly bent and also the lower back-foot was twisted out of place and the
screw was bent. The display rate knob was also bent, but still turns. Looks
like a separate incident. Opening things up and everything looks OK. I also
did the arrival checkout and it checks out OK. The oscillator don't seem to be
too off in frequency so I don't think that it was hurt by the crash.

I have been fairly fortunate so far in shipping in general, so this was a
border case. This will not be my only counter thought, so I have a higher
tolerance for discrepancies. It is certainly not DOA, just a bit beat up.

Besides those issues, it looks like a good unit and I will need to clean the
cover off.

I will trim it up eventually (that is, later this weekend, maybe today). A few
of the tests in the full program could be a little hard to do with the gear I
have where as many will be fairly easy.

Just came to realize that I now have 4 HP 10811 oscillators throughout my
instruments. However none laying on the side. Yeat.


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