[time-nuts] Ebay 5071A scam back again?

buehl buehl at superlink.net
Tue Jun 26 13:10:55 EDT 2007

One possible way of sorting out the scammers is to ask a simple question 
which will get a "yes" from a scammer.

For example:  Please confirm your 5071 has the jack labled NTSC INPUT on 
the back.

Tom Buehl

At 07:43 AM 6/26/2007 -0700, Dan Rae wrote:
>GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:
> >Hi All
> >
> >Am I right in thinking this is another EbayUK repeat of the dodgy  5071A
> >auction that was listed a week or so ago?
> >
> >
>Nigel, probably yes.  Some of the characters go on for weeks or months
>with the same phony ads but with new or newly hi-jacked seller
>identities.  There was one Racal dual receiver ebay ad, originally for
>real,  that appeared over and over again at intervals for months, maybe
>thirty or forty times in all...   It  sometimes used to take eBay days
>to pull and NARU them, I would sometimes bid just to see how long they
>did take, and also tell eBay, but that is a pretty thankless task.
>The tell tale signs are many, asking for Western Union Money orders,
>soliciting direct contact and so on.  Looking at the seller's other
>items will give a clue often, if there are pages of lots of presumably
>desirable goodies like Plasma TVs, laptops etc., listed very cheap.
>The 5071 is quite a sophisticated item for the usual run of the mill
>scammer though.  An odd choice.
>ac6ao / g3ncr
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