[time-nuts] Ebay 5071A scam back again?

Robert Atkinson robert.atkinson at genetix.com
Wed Jun 27 02:54:57 EDT 2007

Hi All,
I've reported this listing (as I'm sure others have done). The scammers
do often list unusual items of high value and rarity. I think it's
because they get better visibility, not just another TV or laptop. I've
sold jet engines on eBay and had my photo's and description copied by
scammers. The best question to as is "can I (or my mate if it's in
another country) pick it up and pay cash?" If they say yes then do go
and pick it if you win. Another thing I've done is to use a "spare" eBay
account to run the price to an extremely high level.


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GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:

>Hi All
>Am I right in thinking this is another EbayUK repeat of the dodgy
>auction that was listed a week or so ago?
Nigel, probably yes.  Some of the characters go on for weeks or months 
with the same phony ads but with new or newly hi-jacked seller 
identities.  There was one Racal dual receiver ebay ad, originally for 
real,  that appeared over and over again at intervals for months, maybe 
thirty or forty times in all...   It  sometimes used to take eBay days 
to pull and NARU them, I would sometimes bid just to see how long they 
did take, and also tell eBay, but that is a pretty thankless task. 

The tell tale signs are many, asking for Western Union Money orders,  
soliciting direct contact and so on.  Looking at the seller's other 
items will give a clue often, if there are pages of lots of presumably 
desirable goodies like Plasma TVs, laptops etc., listed very cheap. 

The 5071 is quite a sophisticated item for the usual run of the mill 
scammer though.  An odd choice.

ac6ao / g3ncr

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