[time-nuts] bad lcd readout on austron 2100 loran

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Fri Jun 29 14:22:04 EDT 2007

Dan Durgin wrote:

>I have an Austron 2100F Loran-C clock receiver which works perfectly, but
>the lcd readout is dead or washed out. Any ideas on a replacement unit?
Dan, I am not sure about this, but I did investigate at one time the use 
of standard off the shelf displays as a possible replacement for these.  
It is just a standard 8 digit display with colons and decimal points, as 
far as I can tell.  I'm pretty sure it plugs into a socket, it's not the 
trouble prone elastomer strip kind of connection like in the fluke 
meters for example.  But it's been a few years since I looked inside mine.

Digikey catalog page 2145 has one that looks right, part number 
153-1057, but I have not investigated far, mine still works!

Good luck,

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