[time-nuts] re lcd problem with austron 2100f loran c

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Jun 29 23:57:45 EDT 2007

Dan Durgin wrote:
> ); SAEximRunCond expanded to false
> Errors-To: time-nuts-bounces+cfharris=erols.com+cfharris=erols.com at febo.com
> It appears the lcd has lost its "liquid crystal" stuff.
> I can see outlines of where numbers should be, and the colon.
> It is getting power and data to all the right places, but no
> visible display. Anyone know of replacement part # or substitute?
> Looks similar to ones used in old calculators?
> Is unit worth enough to bother to fix?

The 2100F is a very nice unit if you need to keep frequency on some
standards.  Loran-C is accurate enough for most practical purposes...
perhaps not for checking your H-Maser, though.

-Chuck Harris

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