[time-nuts] GPS Phase locked Local Oscillator experiment

Peter Schmelcher nebula at telus.net
Thu Mar 8 03:07:34 EST 2007

Hi All,

I did an experiment to investigate receiver solution stability and thought 
some of you might find the results interesting. It is amazing to see how 
stable the atmosphere is. I used a Z3816A 10MHz output to feed the 10MHz 
input of a 3325A which then generated a phase locked local oscillator 
frequency (19.095750MHz) for a modified VP oncore with the latest firmware. 
A scope monitored the Z3816A pps output, the 3325A output and the VP pps 
output. The phase locked local oscillator signal had about 3ns of slow peak 
to peak wander compared to the Z3816A pps output. The WinOncore12 sawtooth 
screen capture of the VP is a more interesting 15 minute sample (a flat 
line is rather boring). The 74 second periodic pulses are a software 
artifact. The test setup was a little crude. I used a simple BNC tee and a 
capacitor to split the antenna signal to feed the VP on my bench.

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