[time-nuts] GPS Phase locked Local Oscillator experiment

bg at lysator.liu.se bg at lysator.liu.se
Thu Mar 8 11:13:04 EST 2007

On Thu, March 8, 2007 12:53, Magnus Danielson said:

>> Is this not pretty much the setup that HP was refering to in the paper
>> and patent that Magnus dug out some weeks ago.
> The big difference is that Peter used another GPS clock as reference. By
> that
> he is actually doing a delta measurement between the receivers. Hooking
> the 3325 up to a Cesium would be a much more interesting measurement.

Hmmm... do you mean that the 1-pps from the GPSDO is "raw" 1pps from its
internal receiver? I really do not understand. Please elaborate.

Its kind of a duality in the receivers. The GPSDO receiver is using a
lousy internal crystal producing relatively noisy 1pps-pulses being
cleaned up by a very good oven crystal. The modified receiver takes a very
good clock to drive it, then using the relatively noisy 1pps circutry of
the GPS-receiver.

>> Its good news that the atmosphere is well behaved!
> Wait for the sunspot high-season before anouncing something like that! ;)

Lets rephrase. Its good news that the atmosphere can be well behaved at a
randomly chosen spot.



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