[time-nuts] Question for the cesium nuts.

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Mar 18 00:56:05 EDT 2007

>> Are there some funny accounting rules screwing things up?
> Not accounting rules as you meant them, but rather end use rules.

> It takes someone with a functioning brain to figure out what the
> different pieces of equipment are, and to make sure that the end use
> restrictions are honored.  It is far easier to drive over the stuff
> with a dozer, and render it inert than it is to propagate the
> necessary paper chain... or so the DRMO says. 

I'm still somewhat (but not very) surprised that they aren't outsourcing the 
whole mess or something like that.

I assume "end use rules" means don't send fancy gear to Iran and North Korea 
etc.  Is there a simple list of what is/isn't OK to ship to anybody?  If a 
box sells for $100, it can't be a big deal to have somebody check each item 
against a known-OK list.  If the penalties are real nasty, check it twice.

The stuff you can't ship to bad guys is probably worth more so they would be 
motivated to find it.

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