[time-nuts] Government Liquidation

Marco ik1odo at spin-it.com
Mon Mar 19 11:26:30 EDT 2007

At 16.12 19/03/2007, you wrote:
>This is kind of on the same topic as the government surplus chit-chat...
>Just curious but has anyone bought stuff from the website:
>I just started looking at it last night, they have a ton of stuff and right
>now everything has zero bids. I don't know if people all snipe at the last
>second or what.
>Thoughts / Opinions?


No snipe allowed... if you bid the expiry time is prolonged.
Any kind of bad stories; you must be there and see the equipment and 
remove it personally, or you get a lot of scrap. At least, this is 
true buying from Europe! Too many people involved, misdescriptions, 
extremely bad packaging, and so on. I bought four or five times years 
ago, then I had enough. The European office was managed by good 
people, but unable to help. Now it's closed.

73 - Marco IK1ODO

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