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It looks like this

If it doesn't look very similar to this, buy this one and have done with it!

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Hi I am new to this group, my background; electronics, amateur radio  
and clocks.
I am developing a free pendulum and to analyse its operation I  
compare it to WWV
on 5 or 10 MHz, the only available radio frequency standard on air in  
To examine the phase drift and jitter I compare it with a 1MHz rock  
in an oven.

I have a HP 5328A which is not stable. It is marked as having option 010
but when I look inside there is only one crystal, 10mhz, which looks  
like an el cheapo,
and no sign of an oven.
Can anyone tell me what option 010 looks like?
I intend to buy a $20, better than average,  10mhz rock and put it in  
an oven.
Any advice would be appreciated,
Neville Michie

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