[time-nuts] Report from a Swedish ham-fest

Jose V. Gavila eb5agv at amsat.org
Sun Mar 25 09:54:21 EDT 2007

Hi Magnus,


 >where as I have yeat to find the
>manual for the 5255 module. He paid 100 SEK (about 14 USD) per module, so I
>think he did a good deal there. One of them will require some mechanical
>maintenance (it seems like cleaning it up may be what is needed).

Great price for the modules!. I got some months ago a 5255 which came with 
an original manual. I could scan needed pages.

My unit, though, seems to be faulty (not sure 100% as have not generators 
for its frequency range and just checked with a LO from an spectrum 
analyzer). I have hooked it to one of my 5345A with an adapter. It is a 
nice setup :-)


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