[time-nuts] GPS Signal Strength Through Roof?

Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
Mon Mar 19 14:55:11 EDT 2007


Loss in the cable will be in the range of 5 - 7 dB plus connector losses. 
Let's say about 10dB max.

Looks OK to me.

Good luck!!!

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> Rob,
> I was just going to use some RG-58, and if I can mount it in the attic 
> then
> I probably won't need to run more than 15-20ft at most. Loss along the 
> cable
> should be minimal since the run will be short, I just didn't know how much
> the roof would block the signal.
> Jason
>>I'm using 4 VIC-100s inside, under a flat concrete roof in my single story
>>office. Tracking 8 satellites on each receiver module on both my CommSync
>>units. Each one connected to Rx via a coiled up 50 ft length of RG-59.
>>Yours should work OK. What cable and what length are you planning on 
>>Temp specs on my antennae are -40 to +85C operating which is typical for
>>this type of product. Don't think it gets that hot in Houston!!
>>Rob K
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