[time-nuts] Fury OEM GPSDO board

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Mon Oct 1 08:19:09 EDT 2007

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> >Will  the Fury board work with a GPS receiver other than an M12?
> >Would it  make sense to even want to do that, or would the 
> performance  
> >be sacrificed too much?
> Hi Didier,
> yes, it has a 1PPS input. That was designed so the board can 
> be used as a cleanup Oscillator for noisy Rb's etc.
> There are not many GPS's out there that have better 
> performance, except the M12M of course.
> The M12M can be used on the board alternatively to the M12+. 
> It fits gluelessly.
> Hope that answers your questions,
> bye,
> Said

Hi Said,

Thank you, I was not sure if your board had to communicate with the receiver
via the serial port or not.
It seems not. 


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