[time-nuts] Lucent WR-92066 L10 RFG-XO on EB**

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Tue Oct 2 20:40:40 EDT 2007

Bill Janssen wrote:
> OK I bought one of those Rubidium's off of that E*** place and I am 
> wondering what
> I am getting.
> Is it obvious how to power it up or do I need a manual, Some one on here 
> had some pictures,
> that I didn't book mark. Anyone have details of that device or did I 
> just order another door stop.
> Thanks
> Bill K7NOM
Your mention of  "one of those Rubidium's"  isn't too informative. The 
subject of the email mentions RFG-XO which is a crystal oscillator, not 
a rubidium, I think. I got one of the RFG-RB units from a while back. It 
does have a good LPRO-101 rubidium module in it, which I think is decent.

I don't actually see much useful from the boards inside the Lucent boxes 
(other than the Rubidium) unless you want the 15 MHz they generate from 
10 MHz for some reason. I didn't see any connections for frequency 
disciplining inside the one I got. I was planning to just use the LPRO 
and add the boards to my junk collection, but didn't do it yet. Also, 
from the discussions here, it sounded like there were a couple different 
flavors of similar boxes.

So, a more exact description of what you bought will get you better 


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