[time-nuts] OT: Test for NI IEEE-488 interface

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sat Oct 6 10:13:56 EDT 2007


I do not have a plug-in NI card (I do have a USB type controller from NI
though) so I am not sure what I am going to say will work, but it's worth a

I believe the IEEE-488 controller has its own address (that is not often
used, but the IEEE-488 spec requires that), so you should be able to address
it and get its name. You should also be able to set its time-out and ask it
to query a non-existant instrument and get the time out error from the
controller card, which I believe is different from the time-out from the DLL
(which you would obtain if there were no controller card).

Didier KO4BB

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> Gentlemen,
> I know this is a bit OT but otherwise I also know that some 
> of you are well acquainted to IEEE-488 data acqusition:
> Suppose I can test whether the National Instruments DLL for 
> their range of IEEE-488 interfaces is available on a Windows 
> based system. Suppose also that I can load the DLL 
> dynamically and find out whether all the expected function 
> names are really exported by the DLL, i.e. if an
> IEEE-488 interface WERE really connected to the pc I would be 
> in full control of it.
> What actions (DLL-calls) would you suggest for a good test of 
> the presence of an IEEE-488 interface and it's basic 
> functionality? The test should NOT involve any communication 
> to instruments on the bus. Its just to find out whether an 
> interface is available and if it can be expected to be in 
> working condition. 
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