[time-nuts] Ovenaire OCXO pinout needed

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Oct 6 19:27:00 EDT 2007

Hi, Dave --

That doesn't sound entirely comparable to this one, unfortunately.  I do
have a partial clue: the seller left about a centimeter of wire on each of
the 6 terminals.  They are:

1  Gray
2  Pink/black
3  Bright red
4  Clear (RG174 center conductor; likely the output)
5  Ground (bonded directly to metal can)
6  Either an EFC reference or oven ground (insulated but jumpered to pin 5)

The OCXO from the Tek analyzers uses several different supply voltages (+17,
+15, and +5).  I'd guess this one wants to see similar voltages, but I'd
rather not put +17 and +15 volts on randomly-chosen pins and optimize for
minimum smoke.

I could always compare impedance/resistance readings with the one in my Tek
SA, but that wouldn't tell me anything about the required supply voltages
even if it did help determine the pinout.

-- john, KE5FX

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> Hi John,
> I don't have this particular OAM Unit - I have a model 42-23 -
> but I do have the pin-out for it, and it sounds very similar to
> what you describe, so maybe this will be helpful.
> Viewed from above - ie as you would look down on it when on a
> board, with the pins to the left of the unit, they read from top
> to bottom as:
> 1    EFC IN - feedback from 10k trimpot for manual adjustment of Freq out
> 2    EFC REF - source voltage for 10k pot, hot end - cold end left open.
> 3    VCC +12v  -heater supply?
> 4    GND
> 5    RF Out
> 6    VCC +10v - Osc supply?
> I expect your unit uses the same arrangement, but at least this
> should give you something to experiment with.
> 73,
> Dave, G4HUP / ND8P

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