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>OK,  not really a time related post...except for the clock in the CD  
>player...which begs the question, any time nuts play with creating a  
>more precise CD player using a precision oscillator?  Think it  would 
>make a difference?  I can see the selling point now "Our CD  player is 
>Rubidium controlled!"

>Tom  Frank

Hi Tom,
a related very interesting experiment is to take the Horizontal Sync signal  
from an old Tube-type TV, and feed it to a frequency counter with GPSDO time  
base (preferrably).
Got to be careful about the high voltages inside the TV though!
BTW: it's not 15374KHz, there are some significant decimal digits (I don't  
recall the formula to calculate the frequency exactly, but it was the total  
number of frame lines multiplied by 59.94Hz or so).
Then you can test how accurate the broadcasters' 27MHz reference clock  is.
One would be surprised how inaccurate(!) some broadcasters are, and how  much 
drift some Satellite providers have.
A lot of the stability is dependent on the receiver of course, and how well  
the receiver's VCXO locks to the Broadcaster.

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