[time-nuts] OT: Test for NI IEEE-488 interface

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sat Oct 6 23:57:17 EDT 2007

Hi Ulrich,

I'll be glad to. It's here, somewhere :-) 


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> Didier,
> > I do not have a plug-in NI card (I do have a USB type 
> controller from 
> > NI
> > though) so I am not sure what I am going to say will work, but it's 
> > worth a try.
> I am not sure by 100%, just say 99 % but I believe that the 
> DLL installed with ALL NI IEEE-488 interfaces is pretty much 
> the same regardless of the type of interface and that the 
> handling of different interfaces is managed completely INSIDE 
> the DLL itself. That is why I am hoping to find a suitable 
> test for ALL NI interfaces and your suggestions are well 
> worth trying. I have currently a PCI-interface available to 
> make some experiments with and would like to send you some 
> tests for your USB based interface ASAP in case you are 
> willing to help me with that.
> 73 and my best regards
> Ulrich

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