[time-nuts] HP5065A manual and advice

Fred McMurray mc0fred at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 05:08:24 EDT 2007

G'Day All,

I have acquired a HP5065A standard. Sn 1840A000838 with option J19
fitted (whatever that is).

I am seeking a copy of the service manual and any advice on what to
look for or repair before I try to power the unit on. It has been
running on 24VDC I guess as it came with the DC plug and cable.

It looks like it was first calibrated in 1979 and last in 1990. It has
the following measurements on the front. The first figure is for 1979
and the last for 1990.

supply 30-41
lamp oven 28-26
cell oven 28-28
osc oven 36-35
Photo 1 49-38

Thanks & regards Scott

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