[time-nuts] Improving the stability of crystal oscillators

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Sat Oct 13 18:26:21 EDT 2007

"Don Collie" <donmer at woosh.co.nz> wrote:
> Has anyone concidered using a small Peltier pile to maintain the crystal`s 
> temparature. I understand that these devices will heat or cool, so it would 
> be possible to maintain the crystal temparature at , say, 25 degrees 
> celcius, over a range of ambient temparatures
> [perhaps 0 to 70  degrees]. There would be several advantages in this 
> approach.
> Cheers!,................................Don Collie jnr. 

Overall, the Petier devices don't heat or cool, just heat :-).

I don't know about crystal oven applications, but condensation on
the cold side has ruled out several applications for Peltiers
at my day job.


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