[time-nuts] OT: Need HP 7475A Drivers for XP or Linux

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Mon Oct 22 00:08:09 EDT 2007

On Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:41:16 -0600, "Joseph Gray" <jgray at zianet.com> wrote:

>> Now I just need pens and paper...(I have one offer for this, more sources
>> are welcome)
>> Thanks to all,
>> Eric
>I know that HP stopped making pens several years ago. I don't know if any 
>other manufacturer still makes them. Maybe someone else knows? My local 
>surplus guy has some HP pens, but I would be afraid of them being dry after 
>all this time. Besides, he always wants too much :(

I couldn't recall the name of the outfit I bought my last set of pens from.  This
outfit looks pretty good, though:


Get ready for sticker shock!  I THINK that the ceramic tipped pens are disposable
liquid ink pens.  If so, then they can be refilled with standard drawing ink.  I'll
be interested in hearing how these guys are, if you get pens from them.  I notice
that they offer X-Y plotter pens.  I just acquired a NICE HP X-Y plotter that works
perfectly.  I plan to hook it to my gamma spectrometer and make it useful again. Sure
would love to find a ramp generator for the plotter.
>As for paper, wouldn't coated, injet paper server as a good substitute if 
>you can't find real plotter paper? Maybe even the uncoated stuff would work.

The best paper that I found for my desktop flatbed plotter was about 15 or 20 lb
calendared paper.  This is the clay-filled shiny paper like magazines are printed on.
The paper that you want is heavier like the stuff that coffee table magazines and
books are printed on.  I got mine from a local print shop.

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