[time-nuts] Digital Scopes - suggestions

Patrick optomatic at rogers.com
Wed Oct 24 10:07:51 EDT 2007

Hi John

I think I have the perfect suggestion for you.

I spent 200+ hours researching scopes before I started my business, 
primarily because I am a cheap bastard. I finally found what I wanted, 
at the price I wanted. Please check out bitscope.com. I bought one over 
a year ago and it has paid for itself many times over. The support has 
been absolutely excellent. It is a PC controlled scope but it is 
external to the PC so it does not pick up noise.I bought the 310N, it 
has a built in logic analyzer, an signal out function and it can monitor 
two channels by multiplexing one. It can trigger from logic or analog. 
It runs on Windows and Linux. There are now Debian and Ubuntu packages 
for easy install and they are just releasing a control library. Together 
with my AEMC current probe I have used it to fix a number of difficult 

I had to pay a 7% tariff to get it into Canada but shipping was cheap 
and the price is low to start with. I just checked the current price and 
it looks like it is $585 U.S

Please don't hesitate ask if you have any questions. Bruce at Bitscope 
had been very helpful and sold me a great scope. I feel I owe him time 
considering the insane amount of questions I have asked him, of which 
none of them were due to shortcomings of his product.


John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> Hal Murray said the following on 10/24/2007 03:47 AM:
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>> I'm looking for a digital scope.  Is there some obvious model(s) that I 
>> should keep an eye out for?
>> I don't >need< one, so I'm willing to wait and I'm flexible on parameters.
>> Mostly what I'm looking for is:
>>   reasonable (hobby) cost
>>   standard digital stuff: bright picture from a single event
>>   screen capture (GPIB or RS-232)
>> I expect there is something in the 100 MHz range.  I probably don't want to 
>> pay for a GHz front end, but I might if I got a good deal.
> I have a Tek TDS-2012 that I like a lot.  Dual channel, 100 MHz and 1
> Gsample, color LCD, very small and light.  Comms (RS-232, printer, GPIB)
> is an optional module.  Base price is something around $1200 new, I
> think.  I think they've been around long enough that there should be
> some used ones out there somewhere.
> There are also several other models in the same series that vary in
> number of channels, speed, and monochrome versus color display.
> I still use an analog scope (Tek 2465B) for serious RF work, but the
> digital can't be beat for looking at PPS and general bench use.
> (My theory -- Tektronix for scopes, HP for everything else.)
> John
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