[time-nuts] Digital Scopes - suggestions

Patrick optomatic at rogers.com
Wed Oct 24 17:26:24 EDT 2007

Hi Brooke

I am not exactly sure. You can go into the uS range but I had better 
check with the Bitscope people about the exact details. I will forward 
this email. I am sure you will have an answer tomorrow.


Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Patrick:
> They have an impressive line and I like PIC based products.  Can you measure 
> the period of a 1 PPS signal when the pulse width is on the order of 0 us?
> Have Fun,
> Brooke Clarke
> http://www.PRC68.com
> http://www.precisionclock.com
> http://www.prc68.com/I/WebCam2.shtml 24/7 Sky-Weather-Astronomy Cam
> Patrick wrote:
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>> Hi John
>> I think I have the perfect suggestion for you.
>> I spent 200+ hours researching scopes before I started my business, 
>> primarily because I am a cheap bastard. I finally found what I wanted, 
>> at the price I wanted. Please check out bitscope.com. I bought one over 
>> a year ago and it has paid for itself many times over. The support has 
>> been absolutely excellent. It is a PC controlled scope but it is 
>> external to the PC so it does not pick up noise.I bought the 310N, it 
>> has a built in logic analyzer, an signal out function and it can monitor 
>> two channels by multiplexing one. It can trigger from logic or analog. 
>> It runs on Windows and Linux. There are now Debian and Ubuntu packages 
>> for easy install and they are just releasing a control library. Together 
>> with my AEMC current probe I have used it to fix a number of difficult 
>> problems.
>> I had to pay a 7% tariff to get it into Canada but shipping was cheap 
>> and the price is low to start with. I just checked the current price and 
>> it looks like it is $585 U.S
>> Please don't hesitate ask if you have any questions. Bruce at Bitscope 
>> had been very helpful and sold me a great scope. I feel I owe him time 
>> considering the insane amount of questions I have asked him, of which 
>> none of them were due to shortcomings of his product.
>> -Patrick
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