[time-nuts] Scopes and 1 PPS signals?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Wed Oct 24 21:54:18 EDT 2007

Hi Dave:

The problem is I don't have any documentation on the O-1814.  The label does 
not say Frequency Standard or anything else about what it does.  There is a 
very nice Rb source (M-100) inside and front panel connectors labeled "5 MHz 
In", "5 Mhz Out" and "10 MHz Out" so this may be a frequency standard.  But 
it's not clear how any of the radios in the GRC-106 Pacer Speak system can take 
advantage of a reference frequency.  http://www.prc68.com/I/PRC104.shtml#206

I'm beginning to think this is a Time Of Day standard.  There are buttons for 
"Rvc TOD" and "Send TOD" as well as a lamp labeled "Set Clock".

I was looking for a serial clock stream that would be used to clock in the TOD 
serial data stream when I found the narrow pulse.

I tried the SR620.  It's  bouncing around a 32 Hz period.

My web host has changed the server that's hosting PRC68.com and I've sort of 
been distracted, but will try the diode pulse stretcher.  If you look at the 
link above just below the GRC-206 system photo let me know if you see
(new server)
------------------------  Starting with the top row:
First VRC-83 Aircraft Radio <- bold title
(or the old server)
GRC-206(V)1 can be fitted with

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
http://www.prc68.com/I/WebCam2.shtml 24/7 Sky-Weather-Astronomy Cam

Dave Brown wrote:
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> But he knows the period already to parts in 10e-9 or better.  His 
> email sez it's a PPS signal ex an Rb source.
> Not much point in trying to measure that with a scope timebase!
> So I still think he wanted to measure the  ~10uS pulse width......
> <g>
> DaveB, NZ
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>>I read this:
>>"But using an HP 54501A DSO it's almost impossible to determine the 
>>It seems he wanted to measure the period. For once, the thread 
>>actually was
>>about the original question :-)
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>>>I took Brookes original inquiry to be about measuring the
>>>width of the
>>>nominally 10 uS  wide PPS pulse-in which case anything that
>>>alters the
>>>pulse width is a no-no.  Precise and stable triggering delay to 
>>>one of the pulses in the on-screen area is all  that is required.
>>>DaveB, NZ
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