[time-nuts] STANAG 4430?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Thu Oct 25 18:24:10 EDT 2007

Hi Rob:

Thanks, that will help when I get to setting the clock.  But now I'm still 
working the physical layer.  Things like how many wires, what signals are on 
them, where is the 1 PPS and is it turned off if the clock is not set, how to 
handshake and/or request a transfer, etc.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
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Rob Kimberley wrote:
> Brooke,
> See the attached which I put together for a project some time ago.
> Hope it is useful.
> Cheers
> Rob Kimberley
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> Hi:
> I think the Q-1814 uses STANAG 4430 for the Time Of Day interface.  Does
> anyone 
> have a copy they can emial to me?
> http://www.prc68.com/I/O1814.shtml

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