[time-nuts] Parallel voltage regulators

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I do have some experience with temperature controlled ovens.  I found that a 
long term plot of the temperature while using an unregulated supply on the 
oven heater showed small random variations due to voltage variations.  When 
the oven heater was put on a regulated supply the line became flat.  The 
problem here seems to be during the heat up cycle.  The voltage doesn't need 
to be regulated during that time.  You might try sensing the error signal 
and when it is outside of the linear control range you could switch in a 
parallel transistor and resistor to handle the warm-up current and it would 
switch out when the oven has stabilized at the lower current.


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> There is a concept in temperature control called feed-forward.
> In this case you would sample the supply line with an inverting
> amplifier and use it to increase the oven drive signal as the
> line voltage decreases. The goal is to keep the integral term
> from changing as the line voltage changes. It is not as easy
> as it sounds.
> Bill Hawkins
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