[time-nuts] Redifon Drive Unit - not quite on topic!

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Tue Oct 30 17:53:38 EDT 2007

In a message dated 30/10/2007 20:13:42 GMT Standard Time,  murray at rakon.co.nz 

I'm  clutching a few straws here, but as T&F enthusiasts you might see  a
connection to what I'm after. I am looking for any information  (manual
or whatever) for a 1980s vintage Redifon exciter, the DU505M  Synthesized
Driver Unit. I can send a photo if it might help.

Some  hint as to where to look for this information would be most
helpful. Do you  know any Redifon collectors or archives?

I am keen to use this nice  unit as a source for precision propagation
experiments, and as a 30m  beacon. It is single reference synthesized and
runs all sorts of modes  (including ISB!) I plan to use it in conjunction
with a GPS disciplined  reference. Output is about 50mW, or just  under

Hi Murray
Information on the DU5xx series seems quite hard to come by.
I've got manuals for the earlier GK203N and SD1 drive units but also  have a 
DU500 that needs some TLC and I've found nothing for that.
I don't know how close the DU505 is to the DU500 but if you find anything  
I'd certainly be interested in taking a look.


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