[time-nuts] Danish Question

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Oct 31 15:35:35 EDT 2007

At 02:31 PM 10/31/2007 , John Day wrote:
>You beat me to it Poul-Henning, the legend is first documented in 
>1958, but did not involve Bohr. I heard it in 1971 in the UK and gain 
>in 1973 in the US - by then it is attributed to Bohr.
>Some sources say that Rutherford was the arbiter. Why would 
>Rutherford have become involved? But it is true that around 1911 Bohr 
>did work in Rutherfords laboratory.
>I later again heard the same legend in California in 1976, but about 
>some other eminently undistinguished candidate, not Bohr.

So, who's going to submit this urban legend to Snopes for them to track down?

newell  N5TNL

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