[time-nuts] Fw: UNIQUE CLOCK

Bruce Lanning belanning at verizon.net
Sun Sep 9 10:35:52 EDT 2007


  Subject: UNIQUE CLOCK 


  Remember after noon its military time........ 1300, 1400, etc.  

  Here is what you will see when you look at this clock.  You don't have to do anything.     

  Just look at it and study it. It gives you the EXACT TIME of the DAY in  Seconds, minutes, hours, the day, month and year. Just read the green line. Everything's there.   

  Study it for a few seconds and it will all come clear to you. Remember these definitions:


   1st Line is Seconds

    2nd Line is Minutes

    3rd line is Hours.

    4th Line is Days

    5th Line is Months

    6th Line is Years

    This is the COOLEST clock I have seen yet!!

    A new one!!  Look closely at it!!  Amazing!!  Click On  the following link: 


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