[time-nuts] Bush Accepts Pentagon Position on GPS

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Wed Sep 19 21:48:51 EDT 2007

Yes, this is way off topic, unless you consider the passage of time.

While I do admire Cronkite, the only true reporting was done by
Edward R. Murrow, cigarette and all. That's before color TV.

Then there was Walter Winchell, "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America,
and all the ships at sea" with a Morse background.

And then, there was H. V. Kaltenborn.

Those were the days when nobody could buy a newscaster, let alone a
major politician.

Amazing what happens when you roll back time into history.

Bill Hawkins

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I don't think that there has been truthful, unbiased new reporting since
the days of Walter Cronkite. "And that's the way it is". :-)

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