[time-nuts] Prologix and Windows 98SE

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Thu Sep 20 11:51:39 EDT 2007

Well I bought a prologix GPIB device to use with my HP5370A to compare
clocks. I tried a QBasic program and, no surprise, QBasic couldn't find 
the COM3.

So, I downloaded "Prologix GPIB Configuration" program and that finds 
COM3 and
I can control my 5370. I next tried "EZGPIB" and it reports "No Prologix 

I intend to write some small test programs using Visual Basic and see 
what these do.
But, am wondering if there is any hope for success using Windows 98SE or do
I have to use Windows XP.  I really want to stay with Windows 98SE if 

Bill K7NOM

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