[time-nuts] HP phase-noise measurement seminar coursebook

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brings back memories! The notes are the same ones used BY hp at the 
presentation at the HP offices in London Colney, england in SEPT 1985 that i 
attended as a BT employee! 



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This seminar was given June 14, 1985 at Red Bank, NJ.  Its handout covered
pretty much every bit of information and lore HP had to impart on
phase-noise measurement.  Anyone interested in PN measurement with 80s-era
hardware (8566/8568/3585A, 11729B/C, 3047A, etc.) may want to download a
copy of the course notes that I just scanned. 

http://www.ke5fx.com/HP_PN_seminar.pdf (124 pages, 7 MB) 

 -- john, KE5FX 

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