[time-nuts] FE-5680A pinout

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Sun Sep 23 17:26:29 EDT 2007

Hello José,

     I managed to get a "Technical Manual" Word document for the 5680A Option 2 a
little while ago, and have put it (together with some5650A files) in a zip file
on my web site:


Admittedly the model described has an RF coaxial output connector, but hopefully
there will be enough in common with your version that you can glean what you need
from that document.


               Peter Vince  (London, England)

On Sun Sep 23  1:11 , 'Jose Manuel' <jpradoes at telefonica.net> sent:

>I´m trying to test a Rb oscillator FE-5680A, but I don´t have information about
the DB-9 connector pinout, because this model doesn´t have any rf out coaxial
connector. I hope someone can help about this issue.
>Thanks in advance, José, EA1PX

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