[time-nuts] Setting Rubidium to match GPS source

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Hi Pete,

Please send me details off list, and please take no notice of "know it alls"
who berate anything that doesn't meet their level of electronic
understanding! Actually I find negative comments and put downs like that
somewhat nauseating in a group that supports all levels of interest from
newbies to 40 year professionals.

Have fun!


Rob Kimberley

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The 3575A does NOT have adequate phase resolution to set an Rb
source to match a GPSDO. A few, now rather old, phase meters were
sold for this purpose, but they used a strip chart recorder to average
phase shift over 1 to 24 hour measurement times & required great
investments of time to use.

I proposed a 1KHz heterodyne scheme for this very purpose on this
list a few months ago. The scheme took a few hits for lack of state-
of-the-art performance, but I'm still using it without suffering any
disappointments. It does require you to have a few items of test
equipment (readily available on eBay) which not everyone has &
it requires some circuit construction using readily available parts.
Except you must wind a couple of 5mH inductors on your own.

Contact me off-list if you want more details.

Pete Rawson

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