[time-nuts] Setting Rubidium to match GPS source

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Fri Sep 28 21:17:32 EDT 2007

In a message dated 9/28/2007 17:28:22 Pacific Daylight Time,  
bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz writes:

>symmetric about the actual propagation delay, so in this case  quoting
>the propagation delay error range perhaps imparts a  pessimistic
>impression of the magnitude of this  error.

Hi Bruce,
the point of the original email was to show that this error alone can  easily 
reach and probably sometimes even exceed 12ns on even a very good  GPS 
The point was not to give an exact - to the picosecond - account of  what 
errors to expect.
Better to take the entire email in context, rather than focus on a single  
number itself.
Also, as mentioned in the email this is only one of many error sources in  

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