[time-nuts] Basic regenerative-divider questions

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Sun Sep 30 14:52:22 EDT 2007

Only IEEE members can access documents in their online library :-( 
Would the documents listed by Enrico be available in any of the FTP 
sites run by group members, by any chance?  Pretty please?  :-)


>deep in my database, there is this reference
>R.\ C.\ Harrison,
>``Theory of regenerative frequency dividers using double balanced mixers''
>{\em IEEE Trans.\ on Microwawe Theory and Technology},
>MTT-S Symp.\ Digest vol.\ 1, June 1989, pp.\ 459--462.
>There, you can find some issues about the filter.
>Keep the group delay small, otherwise the divider may
>enter in chaotic regime.
>A short description on where chaos comes from is found in
>G.\ Immovilli, G.\ Mantovani
>``Analysis of the Miller Frequency divider by two in view of
>applications to wideband FM signals''
>{\em Alta Frequenza}
>vol.\ 17 no.\ 11, November 1973, pp.\ 313--323.
>Very best to all

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