[time-nuts] ALERT, WA State: Boeing Surplus Closing...

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
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On 30-Sep-07 at 18:13 Jack Hudler wrote:

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>Not to be too blunt... but if I don't live near the Boeing Surplus store,
>why should I care?

	That's your option. I never expected people outside the area to rally to the effort, as it were.

>Better solution would be to have them put it up on eBay for all to see and
>for Boeing to benefit.

	I don't mind them putting stuff up on Ebay. What I mind is the idea of the retail store closing, never to return. That's what we're facing at the moment.

	In short: Ebay is only one venue. Boeing should not be taking away another one that has been successful for thirty-five years straight.

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