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There is a great line in the new (you'll get it shortly) Nut and Volts where someone writes in saying they finally bought a new computer only to realize there was no parallel port. They wanted to know how they were going to use their 3 printers connected via a switch.  The answer fromN&V was,"you should become familiar with google (www.google.com). Seems like something you would write. That got me thinking, you could write a "know it all" column somewhere and use the Kindle to get all the answers. No work, all the glory...I should have thought of that.
  The Steve Martin movie is Bowfinger. The restaurant is http://www.bofingerparis.com/
  It could all be just a story someone made up...

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1. Re: Adding prescaler to HP 5334B (Robert Berg)


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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 08:07:57 -0700
From: "Robert Berg" 
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Adding prescaler to HP 5334B
To: "'Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement'"

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Thanks, Rick.


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The diode limiter is to protect the C channel
from getting burned out due to connecting a
transmitter to it, etc. You don't need the
limiter if you aren't worried about this.
The detector gates off the counter when there
is insufficient signal to count reliably.
The detector is imperfect, and the counter
may read garbage anyway, or may be blanked
on a signal that would be countable. For the
average time nuts user, you can leave out both
of these "features" with no harm. I had to
design them in for "marketing" reasons.

Rick Karlquist
5334B Project Manager

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