[time-nuts] Disciplining dual oscillators using a 3-corner hat

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Sat Apr 5 01:03:36 EDT 2008

Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Richard:
> I neat idea.
> I would think there are three key measurements:
> TI1 = GPS-A
> TI2 = GPS-B
> TI3 = A-B
> Of these A-B is the most precise and the other two with GPS involved are much 
> lower stability.  In your proposed method only the poor time intervals are 
> being measured.
> So I would think the approach would be make all three measurements at the same 
> time then in a perfect world you could solve three equations in three unknowns. 
>   But I suspect that the errors will not exactly balance.  So you could split 
> the closing error in two and assign half to A and half to B.
> Have Fun,
> Brooke Clarke

The 3 equations aren't independent so you cannot solve them for the 3 
However, in principle you can solve them for the statistical 
instabilities of the 3 sources provided that the 3 sources are 
statistically independent.


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