[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-m-XO 15MHz -> 10MHz

Bo Granlund granbo at tonnikala.org
Sun Apr 13 16:08:49 EDT 2008

Hi everybody,

Sorry for asking this kind of stupid question, but I've tried to do my best
with google and it hasn't revealed a lot of decisive results.

The thing is, I have a Lucent RFTG-m-XO that outputs 1PPS and 15MHz signal.
I was wondering, how do you go ahead and convert the 15MHz output to a
10MHz output? What kind of equipment do I need in between there to make
this happen?

I'm really sorry, because I do realize this is a really stupid question, but
I'm kindof out of ideas, and I'm more of a software guy than an electronics
guy. :)

Oh, there is a 10MHz input to the RFTG-m-XO. What is the purpose of this

kind regards,
Bo Granlund

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