[time-nuts] (no subject)

David Hilton-Jones David.Hilton-Jones at clneuro.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 14 10:36:42 EDT 2008

I want to generate sine wave signals at 42MHz and 116MHz for use with VHF transverters. A simple tcxo isn't stable enough. I'm looking for simple/cheap solutions and I'd appreciate any comments.
1) I have a stable reference at 10MHz available
2) Reflock is overkill
3) I guess a G8ACE type ocxo would do for 116MHz.
4) I read with interest about FlashCrystal units, but they now seem unavailable.
5) On e-bay international I see McCoy/Vectron ocxo at 48.xxxxMHz (can't remember exact frequency) - that might do for my 42MHz requirement , with some mods to the rest of the transverter. Any UK source?
6) I don't know much about DDS systems.

Any comments much appreciated.


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