[time-nuts] 5 MHZ PIC PPS Divider?

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Thank you for your ideas,
It will be good for me to go thou the process of improvement one step at a time, I have several steps to try that should keep me busy, I expect to make several prototypes and with some luck try several methods. I do need to bootstrap my self up as I have to develop my tools as I go. Using one prototype to debug the next. My first goal will be to produce a crude counter and see how far I can push it. I have the freedom to fail as this is a hobby for me.
A few of my replies to the list went to the individual and not the group, this was a pilot error, sorry. 
Thanks again to all who help,

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Sometimes I get tunnel vision by looking for 
easy answers in "big box" solutions.

Your 1GHz clock solution may be a simpler
approach for 1ns resolution & provide a
straightforward result. The ECL part you've
selected seems to simplify interfacing with
its synchronous enables.

Perhaps interpolation could be used to 
enhance resolution if 1ns isn't adequate.

Pete Rawson 

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