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Wed Apr 16 17:28:51 EDT 2008

Hi Ulrich,
interesting story. A bit of history from my side:
In about 1996 I lived in Stuttgart and we measured the Hs frequencies  of the 
German TV stations at the time. I used a Philips SAA7111 or similar Video  
decoder's 27,0MHz output (which is line-locked to Hs) to measure the  frequency.
SAT1, and others such as RTL  etc were off, some by several  ppm(!), still 
within PAL standards, but totally offset from any type of  accurate frequency 
I was shocked how bad it was.
ZDF and other government channels were quite good at the time, and had  very 
little offset to one another.
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df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de writes:

So, what  I had measured was the rubidium's offset against NIST after
some years of  free running operation. While the whole story was a
striking experience for  me it also showed that there must have been a
formidable number of owners  of TV based frequency standards that had
simply not seen how bad their  standard really was.

Best regards

Ulrich Bangert 

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